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May 31, 2009

MVC-024FThis vehicle is hidden behind a facade of advertising material, which seems to spoil the esthetics of the car’s design.

Tell all your friends! ! !

May 30, 2009

MVC-021FThe driver of this vehicle, seen Saturday May 30, in Pasadena CA, wrote down the URL for this blog and said he would take a look.  Hope he does and hope he then tells all his buddies about it and, please, you do it too!

What is it?

May 30, 2009


The car-spotter must know what the car is to be able to list it as a car-spotting acomplisment, so the next time we see this vehicle driving around in Pasadena CA, we’ll try to flag it down and find out what it is.

Civic Pride

May 30, 2009


Sometimes the most noticeable part of a car is the license plate.

Old Chevy Pickup

May 29, 2009

MVC-008FThis old Chevy Pickup truck in Pasadena CA was spotted on the way to the computer to post today’s entry.

Mini Cooper

May 28, 2009

MVC-007FThis Mini Cooper was seen in Pasadena CA on Thursday, May 28, 2009

Distinctive Fin

May 27, 2009

MVC-001FFor a photographer who enjoys car-spotting, sometimes just seeing a distinctive Cadillac tail-fin can be fun.


May 27, 2009


This Avanti was seen in Pasadena CA today (May 26).

Has it been a year?

May 26, 2009

MVC-005FIt doesn’t seem like a year since the last time we took photos of a jacqueranda bush in bloom.  It doesn’t seem like ayear because the last time we saw them blooming and took a picture was when they were blooming in Australia last November and December.

So, we’ll post the picture we took Sunday in Pasadena CA and see if Kevin at

finds this picture of more intest for an L. A. based audience, than a shot from Sydney or Fremantle.

Gilmore Gas Pumps

May 24, 2009

MVC-004FThis gas station in Pasadena has Gilmore Gas Pumps, which used to be seen more often in the L. A. area in the past.

(Since we won’t have access to a computer on Memorial Day, we have posted two photos on Sunday.)