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World’s Laziest Journalist’s self-portrait

August 29, 2009





The World’s Laziest Journalist offers this self-portrait to the world.

Walking a pet in Santa Monica

August 26, 2009

MVC-008FThis fellow was walking with his pet in Santa Monica on Tuesday August 25, 2009.  We asked if we could take a picture.  He said “Ok.”  So we did.


August 26, 2009



Deacon Daniel of the Bleeding Deacons rock band was on the beach at Venice last Saturday with the bands (his) old caddy hearse.  So were we.   So we took a picture.

Chain Reaction

August 24, 2009


This mushroom cloud made up of industrial strenght cain is based on a political cartoon done by Conrad for the L. A. Times.  It can be found on Main St. in Santa Monica close to the Civic Auditorium.

El Magnifico caught by paparazzi!

August 21, 2009


The WLJ paparazzi department caught “el Magnifico” in Venice today (Friday August 21, 2009).  Sometimes it’s not the car but the drive that causes us to take a shot and post it on this blog.

Hemp smoothie?

August 20, 2009


Yeah, but does a hemp smoothie give folks the munchies?  This sign was seen in Santa Monica.

Totenkopf fashion motif

August 20, 2009


Have you noticed the recurring fashion motif of skulls?  It seems the young folks can’t wait for the Death Panels to get rid of the old folks for them.

American Ute?

August 16, 2009



This 1964 El Camino (Chevy) looks like what the Autralians call “a ute.”  It was seen on Lincoln at Venice in L. A. on Sunday Augutst 16, 2009.


August 15, 2009


You don’t usually see a McDonald’s teamed up with a gas station.  We saw this one in Marina del Rey CA, today, August 14, 2009, and so we took a pictue to show this facet of the “on the road” culture.

Just another Ferrari?

August 14, 2009


While waiting for a bus to take us to the Santa Monica Public Library, we wondered if we should pull out the old camera and maybe get a photo for our car-spotting blog.  So we took the camera out, turned it on, and voila! this car pulled up to stop for a red light.  We thought Oh, it’s just another Ferrari, but then we realized that some poor folks (such as the ones who live up there in Alameda) might not get to see such exotic cars as often as the people in L. A. do; so we took this picture just for those unfortunate folks who live in the city that is near Berkeley.