Arnieville in Berkeley CA

Activists in Berkeley set up a tent city called “Arnieville” to protest recent budget cuts in CA.

Berkeley Daily Planet, Jane Stillwater’s blog, and Smirking Chimp have permission to reprint any of these photos.

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One Response to “Arnieville in Berkeley CA”

  1. Adrienne Lauby Says:

    ArnieVille Returns. This coming Tuesday, June 22. Come down at noon to help us set up the camp at a traffic island near you: Adeline Street at Russell, Berkeley

    What Governor Schwarzenegger Wants —
    *Elimination of 40% of State Funding for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)
    *$750 Million Cut from Medi-Cal & Cap on many Medi-Cal Services
    *Elimination of CalWORKs
    *Forced Drugging of People with Mental Disabilities
    *Elimination of Adult Day Health Care (ADHC)
    *Elimination of Spending for Mental Health Rehabilitation Programs

    We Say No!

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