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Just another Coolpix day in Berkeley CA

November 28, 2010

The fellow in this truck has a very interesting theory about who really shot the Beatles guy.

One man’s trash . . .

November 23, 2010

We spotted this on a recent walk but we can’t submit it to Berkeleyside’s “Where in Berkeley” feature because we didn’t note down the exact place where we saw it.

The more things change . . .

November 22, 2010

This 1972 newspaper is an interesting time capsule.


November 21, 2010

The lower photo answers the question: Where in Berkeley CA was the first photo taken?

See a resemblance?

November 18, 2010

We thought this young fellow looked like a sixties icon.

Paint it black?

November 16, 2010

A tad of underexposure over-emphasizes the door’s redness.

That reminds me . . .

November 16, 2010

While taking this photo on Russell St., we were reminded of a story by Edgar Allan Poe.

Good Question!

November 15, 2010

While taking photos of the sunet last night (in Berkeley CA) we stopped to wonder:  “Why is it called the ‘Golden Gate'”?

There is a “there” there

November 14, 2010

This art installation on Shattuck just south of the Oakland/Berkelehy city line proves that there is  both a “here” and a “there” in Oakland.  Gertrude Stein was wrong when she said that there was no “there” there.

First Berkeley Photo-Walk

November 13, 2010

Look up.  Look down.  Lookr all around our town.  Stop the photo walk to do car spotting.  The photo walk didn’t get to the memorial set up by the Ashby BART station.