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Can’t dogs in Oakland read?

June 27, 2011










We saw this sign in Oakland over the weekend.

Photog on the loose

June 27, 2011

















We saw this T-shirt in Berkeley CA recently.

New photos to post!

June 26, 2011












































Went for a walkabout in Oakland.  We were reminded of Santa Monic and the staris and Venice and the canals.

Stencil scene in Oakland

June 21, 2011










This stencil art was spotted in Oakland CA recently.

Oz tourist in Berkeley CA

June 20, 2011

















This Aussie needed some directions to get to Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley CA.  We made sure that he made the effort to also see People’s Park.

More Coolpixing

June 20, 2011



















Coolpix report from Berkeley CA

June 20, 2011










Does the last hippie drive this car seen in Berkeley CA over the weekend?

A yellow streak in Berkeley CA

June 18, 2011












Walkabout with Coolpix

June 18, 2011










Is this titled “Space alien with cupcake”?

June 17, 2011










We saw this picture of a Berkeley CA variation of van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painting at the Chalk Art Festival in Berkeley CA.  (What a co-inky-dink,eh?)