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Silicone Beach photo

December 30, 2011

















Will a pair of binoculars help me find the new Google office in Venice CA?

Summer Nats flashback

December 30, 2011

An unusual flames paint job on a right hand drive deuce delivery sedan.  We saw this in Australia at the 2009 Summer Nats.

Column Photo

December 30, 2011










This photo will be used to illustrate my new Smirking Chimp column which will go up Friday morning in the blog section.

Try again

December 27, 2011










For use with Smirking Chimp column

Columnist’s dream Xmas

December 27, 2011














Who done dat?

December 24, 2011




















At first we thought that this might be a work done by Banksy, but then we read that Blek le rat is having a show in SF (at the 941 Gallery on Geary).  Is it either one?  Is it an imposter?  Who done dat?





Good eats + German C&W Music

December 23, 2011

















Sign in San Francisco










Lunch stop in San Francisco

We noticed that the lunch truck food fad is going strong in San Francisco.  We also noticed that their sign reminded us of our favorite German Country and Western band.

What?  You didn’t know?

Which?  That there are good eats in SF or that there is Country and Western music in Germany?


Column photo

December 23, 2011










This photo will be used with my new column on Smirking Chimp.

The Year in Review photo

December 22, 2011

















We saw this bit of folk art at Occupy SF’s site at the Treasury building some time back.  It says it all for this year, American Journalism, and . . . ?

Car-spotting in San Francisco

December 17, 2011










Deuce was spotted in San Francisco on walk taken Friday December 15, 2011.










The new exhibit at the Beat Museum will be mentioned in my Year-in-Review column which will be posted Sunday afternoon (I hope!).










This trailer was on a tour of the USA for a beer company.  We’ll try to give them a better plug in a future column that will be posted in the usual places.