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Photo fashions

January 29, 2012










For Saturday at the Occupy Oakland march, the well dressed photographer selected not just good cameras, but a gas mask and helmet.

From the WLJ photo files

January 29, 2012










BTW speaking of Oakland, travelers from Oakland should fee right at home rooting for the home team for a football game in Canberra in Australia . . . because their football team is named The Raiders, also.

The whole Internets is watching!

January 29, 2012










Protesters at Ogawa Plaza watch events elsewhere in Oakland, Saturday.

Row of shields

January 29, 2012










At 1 p.m. the Move In Day protest march started down Broadway.


First Arrest at Move In Day

January 29, 2012










The first arrest occured about five minutes into the event.

A Coolpix week

January 27, 2012










Metlife did a flyover of Oakland on Wednesday.










This hood was seen in downtown Berkeley this week.










The center of the Occupy Movement.

Snapshot collecting in Berkeley CA

January 27, 2012











We have run this photo before but we are rerunning it so that we can put this copy into the new Smirking Chimp column on Friday morning.

The same column will run but with different accompanying photos in the blog section of Bartcop and in Op Ed News.

All these should be posted by 11 a.m. PST Friday Jan. 27, 2012

Snapshot collecting will be one of the many topics in this one column

Who dune dat?

January 24, 2012










We saw this bit of street art in Berkeley CA some time ago.  Don’t think we posted it before.

Coolpix on patrol

January 24, 2012










We saw some chalk artists working on this image in Downtown Berkeley recently.

A Super car?

January 20, 2012










Does Clark Kent drive this car?  We saw this car recently in Berkeley CA