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Slap art report

March 31, 2012

















Is Picasso doing slap art these days?










Right on!










Do art critics look down on slap art?


More Slap Art Watch

March 29, 2012



































It seems like slap art is getting better, eh?

Slap Art Watch

March 29, 2012

















Is slap art getting better and “art-ier”?


March 26, 2012











What did the S. stand for?

March 26, 2012










What did the S. in Hunter S. Thompson’s name stand for?

A visit to City Lights bookstore

March 26, 2012










We will use this photo next Friday to illustrate a column for our next Smirking Chimp column, which will be about going to City Lights to hear the author William Hjortsberg read from his new book on Richard Brautigan.  Tune in next Friday monring.

You missed it!

March 24, 2012










We saw this chalk art at Srpoul Plaza and Tele Ave.  It was gone later in the month.  Oh well.  We gots a photo of it.

Who else?

March 24, 2012

















Sticker art that caught our eye.

Dead or Alive?

March 24, 2012










So is the cat dead or not?

Maybe this time?

March 22, 2012










We may use this news photo for our next column on Op Ed News, which will be posted on Friday morning.