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April 29, 2012



















We saw this 59 Chevy at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival at SF City Hall last weekend.

Slap Art Advice

April 27, 2012










Second the motion!

Bears vs. melting

April 26, 2012











On second thought, we will most likely use this shot with the Chimp column to be posted about 24 hours from now.


Polar bears vs. melting ice

April 25, 2012










This photo of “polar bears” contending with melting ice at Earht Day in San Francisco last Sunday, should be the photo I use for my next column which will be posted on Smirking Chimp Friday morning.

What’s it worth as a trade-in?

April 20, 2012










This car at McKevitt in Berkeley will be explained in my column for Smirking Chimp to be posted in the next ten minutes.


April 16, 2012

Back to Slap Art Watching

April 16, 2012


























This example of slap art is about one inch tall and was seen on a window of an AC F bus going to San Francisco CA.  Unknow further caption details.


























Who is Agent-A?

More column illustrations

April 16, 2012










Use this one without the red chair?










I think mebbe this one with the chair.   Tune in to my column on the Smirking Chimp web site next Friday morning to see which one is selected.

Chopped van in SF

April 15, 2012










We saw this chopped van in San Francisco CA on April 14.  Don’t see them often, so we took a photo.

Back on Slap Art Patrol

April 15, 2012



































We are still taking slap art photos.