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Here we go again . . .

June 24, 2012












“Support the sit inat Lakeview School.”












Now playing in Oakland . . .












The poor man’s silkscreening process.

We no sooner post one column on Smirking Chimp, Op Ed News, and Bartcop, than we have to start looking for, posting, and getting the URL for photos for next week’s column.

It never stops!



School protest in Oakland CA

June 21, 2012




















Journalists were back in Oakland for a protest at the Lakeview school this week.












Sentiment in Oakland CA this week.


A Melbourne streetcar in SF?

June 21, 2012












While attending a protest in San Francisco CA, the photo (a Philip K. Dick fan) was pleased to see a streetcar from Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) progress down Market Street.


The summer of Love + 45

June 21, 2012




















Protest in San Francisco on Wednesday June 2 0, 2012.












Pig market chase shot.




















A protester hands out a leaflet in San Francisco.


Photo report from Oakland

June 19, 2012










































The sit-in at Lakeview school in Oakland drew news media coverage Monday.

An old Irish question

June 9, 2012




















This slap art sticker reminds us of the old Irish question:  “Do they now?”

Perfect for going to Harry’s

June 7, 2012




















We made a point of wearing this particular T-shirt for our 1986 visit to Harry’s Bar in Paris (France not Texas).

Festival of books flashback

June 6, 2012











Dennis Etchison and Ray Bradbury both answered Craig’s call to help him sell books at the old L. A. Festival of Books.

If you can’t write like him . . .

June 6, 2012




















If you can’t write like him, well then, write about him.












If you are going to Harry’s New York Bar and Grill, ya gotta wear the right T-shirt and we did.

We will write about this guy for our next column in Op Ed News and on Smirking Chimp (Friday morning).


A good sign . . .

June 2, 2012












What columnist doesn’t want a street sign in his (or her?) honor?