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Red Flower

July 28, 2012












This red flower thingie has been on display in San Francisco CA recently.  On bright sunny days it makes for good color photos.  Why, oh why did they have to make Kodachrome obsolete?

Media Democracy

July 26, 2012












This photo has been in the “on deck” file for some time, so we figured we would post it today when we be postin’ like crazy.

Just passin’ through!

July 26, 2012












The Big Green Bus, which seems to be traveling from New Hampshire to San Francisco, CA, was spotted in Berkeley on Wednesday 25, 2012.

Ferrari-spotting in Berkeley CA

July 26, 2012












We saw this Ferrari in Berkeley CA and so we took us a picture.  We have noticed beau coup Ferraris in Berkeley the last week or two and will try to learn “what up wid dat.”

Tie-die still in fashion in Berkeley CA

July 26, 2012




















We may do a column about tie-dye still being fashionable in Berkeley and so we might need this photo to go with such a future column.

Firetruck-spotting in San Francisco CA

July 26, 2012












This 1963 Harvester International fire truck was spotted in San Francisco on Wednesday July 25, 2012.  We were packing our trusty Coolpix, so we took us a photomagrah.

Better crops

July 24, 2012












This cropped image will probably be the one we use to go with the Smirking Chimp column.  Tune in Friday morning about 10:15 a.m. PDT to see how that goes.

Getting ready . . .

July 23, 2012












This is a file shot of a sign that was posted in Berkeley CA about two years ago.  Since much punditry is being written this week about guns and gun control, we plan on using this photo for the new column that will be posted Friday morning (PDT) on Bartcop, Op Ed News, and Smirking Chimp.












We may use a copy of this photo and crop down to the TrustoCorp name.

For a good cause!

July 16, 2012




















This guy was selling bobblehead dolls of the members of the String Cheese Incident Band on the street in Berkeley CA, Sunday.  It would be inappropriate to use it with the next column so we’ll give the plug for them here.

jambandbobbleheads do com my point you to them.

Car spotting in Berkeley CA

July 16, 2012












Car spotters should always carry their Coolpix with them.