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July 16, 2012













Shattuck panhandler “puts the bite” on columnist.



















Vertical crop.












Before he attacks!

To see what these photos have to do with a column about Mitt Romney and W. C. Fields your gonna have to read my next column that will be cross posted Friday morning PST on Bartcop, Op Ed News, and Smirking Chimp.


Chalkupy comes to Berkeley CA

July 12, 2012












Sit lie issue has come to Berkeley CA.












Not the best shot.












Chalkupy at work in Berkeley CA.




















Verticle shot of Chalkupy at work.

My column which will be cross-posted on Smirking Chimp, Op Ed News, and Bartcop will be about hippies, pot, and war.  It will be posted Friday morning PST.

Coolpix patrol in Berkeley CA

July 5, 2012












The lead pix for Friday’s WLJ column?













You got a problem with me, pal?




















Deep Chatham hits Berkeley.


Land of Plenty

July 3, 2012




















For use with next column?