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Go giants!

August 31, 2012




















We thought this tableau in Frisco was worth a snap shot.



















Star Wars Frisco style.

DOTS Berkeley Style

August 31, 2012












This 1969 21 window split windshield was seen in Berkeley CA recently.  The occupants of the vehicle (who root for the All Blacks?) were donating books to the Berkeley Public Library (seen in the background).




















What ever happened to the DOTS feature on Jalopnik?  Maybe we should apply for the job of being the DOTS intern?













Trolly spoting in Frisco

August 29, 2012












Note SF’s Ferry Building in the background.












Read all about it!  This sign tells all about car no. 1061












This explains SF’s PCC cars program.












This shot may make the sign more legible?












This shot was taken at Market and Van Ness.



How did Suicide Doors get that name?

August 29, 2012

We will send a link to this page and these pictures so that if the Jalopnik question of the day editor needs them, he can use them if he takes our suggestion to answer the question asked by the headline above.












The cars that have front doors that open towards the rear are few and far between these days.  We wonder how Suicide Doors got the name.




















What’s not to love about a mint condition (1954?) Rolls Royce (seen last Sunday afternoon in Berkeley  CA) with Suicide doors?












Classic car spotting on Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley produced these photos.












Isn’t there a song about a car owned by a little old lady from Berkeley CA?



“Wear a flower in your hair . . .”

August 22, 2012












Street artist Elvis Christ was at work in San Francisco on Tuesday August 21, 2012 and we will be using some photos of him and his work for our next column that will be cross posted on Bartcop, Op Ed News, and Smirking Chimp.

It’s easier to post the photo here and put in the URL to use it on Smirking Chimp, than it is to insert the photo into my post on SC.












We probably won’t use this photo with the column, but we will want to have it ready if we change our mind.












Does Elvis Christ look just a bit like Julian Assange?  Gees!  You don’t suppose . .  . Nah!   That can’t be!




















Elvis in SF!


Pondering Pundit

August 9, 2012




















Political pundits are wondering:  “Who will Mitt name as his running-mate?

Smoke signals

August 9, 2012

Smoke signals in Richmond CA send a message to Americans:  “Higher gasoline prices soon come.”

Are you ready?

August 2, 2012












Is this sentiment real philosophy or crazy talk?

We’ll use this photo to illustrate the column at will be posted Friday on Smirking Chimp and cross posted (with different crop or photo?) on Bartcop and Op Ed News as well as my worldslaziestjournalist blog also on wordpress.