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Fotos from SF

October 31, 2012












We  may need to use this photo from the BEAT Museum in our next Smirking Chimp column.


Are T-shirts works of art?

October 25, 2012












How can a fan of the Rolling Stones show support for the Giants at AT&T Park?
We saw this T-shirt there Wednesday before the start of Game 1.












While looking at the wide variety of T-shirts on display by fans going to Game 1 of the World Series, we wondered when will an Art Museum ever present the first display of  “T-shirts as Art”?


October 17, 2012


































We saw this car in San Francisco CA on Tuesday Oct 16.  We unknow what kind of car it is.  Maybe the folks at Autodesk will see this and post that information in the comment section below.

UCB band on cable car

October 16, 2012












Seen Monday Oct 15, 2012 in San Francisco CA.












It’s not every day that you see the Cal Berkeley band on one of San Francisco’s world famous cable cars.


Sidewalk Etiquette?

October 11, 2012



















There are plenty of political causes for activists in Berkeley CA.  Sidewalk Etiquette seems to be this fellow’s cause choice.


Seen in SF

October 9, 2012












Saturday at Union Square.












Tight crop is a bit “grainy.”