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Porsche spotting in Berkeley CA

December 26, 2012

DSCN7789_23427XmasWeekBerDec16 Porche









We spotted this “bathtub” Porsche in Berkeley CA right before Xmas, so we took a photo.

Car-spotter’s delight

December 3, 2012

Ford coupe long shot









We came across this shot of a car we spotted in Pasadena CA about three years ago whilst we were looking for a photo to run with our next column for Smirking Chimp, Op Ed News, and Bartcop blog section.  We won’t use this with the column . . . but we will post it here for car spotting fans just because it’s not every day you see a beauty like this.  (Yes we did see our share of Deuces in Pasadena.)

Red ford front









As they say in Canada, beauty, eh?

Red ford rear

Deuce coupe with flames paint job

November 27, 2012












We got a lot of hits on a photo of a (right hand drive) deuce roaster with flames paint job which we saw at SummerNats2009, so when we saw this deuce coupe with a flames paint job at the San Francisco Car Show on Thanksgiving Day of 2012, we just had to take a picture.

November 15, 2012












We were on a bus when we spotted this Mustang going towards downtown Berkeley CA


October 17, 2012


































We saw this car in San Francisco CA on Tuesday Oct 16.  We unknow what kind of car it is.  Maybe the folks at Autodesk will see this and post that information in the comment section below.

SummerNats (2009) Flashback

September 12, 2012












“Take me to your leader . . . fast!”


































This beauty (seen on the streets in Freo) has an American style left hand drive.

Is it or isn’t it?

March 6, 2012



































In high school, we rode around in a ’31 Chev and many folks would ask if it was a Model A Ford. 

We saw this car in Marin County on Saturday and it wasn’t until we took a close look at the photos and saw where the gas cap was located, that we could convince ourselves that this was not a 31 Chev.  Look at the bumper.  That looks like a Chevy bumper on a Model A to me.

It’s been some time since we rode around in “Jersey Bill” sedan.

Now, seeing a Model A is a good enough excuse to sigh and mutter:  “Those were the days, my friend.  We thought they’d never end.”

Well, they did.

The week in car-spottin

February 9, 2012










Saw this on Superbowl Sunday in Berkeley CA










Saw XKE in Frisco on Wednesday morning.










This Ferrari F-1 is for sale (for a quarter mil.) . . . where?  Where else but at the Ferrari store in San Francisco CA!










Saw this 57 V-dub in Emeryviller later Wednesday.










This was also spotted in Emeryville.  We’ll poste better caption material and more photos later in the week.

DOTS flashback

February 7, 2012










Saw this car in Alameda.  Had a DOTS flashback.  So what if we post this photo for just one particular e-mail buddy?

A Super car?

January 20, 2012










Does Clark Kent drive this car?  We saw this car recently in Berkeley CA