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UCB band on cable car

October 16, 2012












Seen Monday Oct 15, 2012 in San Francisco CA.












It’s not every day that you see the Cal Berkeley band on one of San Francisco’s world famous cable cars.


Pub Games

March 13, 2012










This Games Design company got their name when they figured out that they did their best work after work in a near-by pub.  The Melbourne company said they don’t have a combo video-drinking game for use in pubs.  Well, not yet at any rate.

USS Iowa BB 61

February 28, 2012










The aft turret on the Iowa.

















Aboard the Iowa










The Iowa is looking for a few good deck hands to do volunteer restoration work.  Then it is being moved to San Pedro in the Los Angeles area. 

For more information about the Iowa and the move to its new permanent home please click

for information about visiting the Iowa while it is in the Richmond CA area click this link


Runnin’ outta goog pix to post!

January 5, 2012










This example of street chalk art seems very appropriate for downtown Berkeley CA because that is posted as “Bear Country!”

Good eats + German C&W Music

December 23, 2011

















Sign in San Francisco










Lunch stop in San Francisco

We noticed that the lunch truck food fad is going strong in San Francisco.  We also noticed that their sign reminded us of our favorite German Country and Western band.

What?  You didn’t know?

Which?  That there are good eats in SF or that there is Country and Western music in Germany?


Column photo

December 23, 2011










This photo will be used with my new column on Smirking Chimp.

Ain’t dat de truth

November 23, 2011

















This example of folk art was seen at Occupy San Francisco recently.  It was seen in front of the Treasury Building and that site was cleared out over the weekend.  So this piece of art is now part of protest history.

Always carry your camera with you

November 18, 2011










Seen on Shattuck in Berkeley CA










Now there is a flames paint job!










A car with a flames paint job always gets our attention.  Since we try to carry our Nikon Coolpix with us at all times, that means that we can get pix of all the flame paint jobs we see.  Should we do a photo book on that theme?

Didgeridoo at Occupy Berkeley

November 8, 2011










This American at Occupy Berkeley used some plastic pipes to build his own didgeridoo, which is an Australian musical instrument.

Venice CA prepares for Halloween

October 21, 2011