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Urban Geometry

December 6, 2012

geometric needs crop









We saw this example of urban geometry in downtown San Francisco CA recently so we took a photo (with our trusty Coolpix.)


Grateful Giants Fan

December 3, 2011










This t-shirt caught our eye while visiting San Francisco (CA) on Thursday Decembr 1, 2011, so we took a photo for our World’s Laziest Journalist’s photo blog.

Odd street Art? Where else, but in Venice CA!

November 27, 2011

















About a month ago, we encountered this street art in Venice CA (near the Cow’s End Cafe).  Dunno what it means or who did it, but we thought it was certainly worth a photo.

Can’t dogs in Oakland read?

June 27, 2011










We saw this sign in Oakland over the weekend.

Looking for the Ninas (in Oakland CA)

June 11, 2011



















New York Times fans used to spend Sunday mornings “looking for the Ninas.”


Sunday’s photo?

May 14, 2011

If I post a “disposable art” photo on Saturday afternoon, that should mean that I don’t have to post one Sunday and can take the day off! ! !

Know this feeling?

May 1, 2011

Scooter-spotting in L. A.

January 21, 2011

We took this photo a few months back, while visiting in L. A.

Another Photo for Ray W.

May 14, 2010

This sign is not on the wall of the employee lounge at the World’s Laziest Journalist’s home office (we wish it were).  It is posted on the wall where tours at the Nethercutt Museum begin and that gives us a legitimate reason for calling Jalopnik’s photo editor’s attention to this post.  When Jalopnik ran an item linking to one of our posts about the 2009 SummerNats in Canberra, they sent several hundred new readers our way.  Will lightening strike twice?