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Must be a treehugger

March 19, 2013

Runs on Sunshine









We saw this sign on a car in Berkeley CA.  We assume it must be a treehugger that owns the vehicle.

A bus named Lil Further

December 11, 2011










Bus seen in Venice CA










Side view










Bus seen in Venice CA

This bus, named Lil Further, (not to be confused with Ken Kesey’s bus named Furthur) was photo’d on Saturday morning (December 10, 2011) in Venice CA.



Beat sentiments seen at Occupy Cal

November 26, 2011











This chalk sentiment seen at Occupy Cal reminded us:  the Beat Museum’s website has a new look.  Click on over to

to take a look.  Tell ’em the World’s Laziest Journalist sent you their way.

More Coolpixing

June 20, 2011