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Santacon SF Photoreport

December 17, 2012

Big face santa crop


















Santa at Union Square at noon

guitarist with santa cropped









Rock on, Santa!

Santas and tree cropped














A sea of Santas at Union Square, SaturdaySantas on the march.









Santas on the march.

Seeing Red in Uniion Square cropped









Seeing red at Christmas time in SF.

This event by these folks

was a pub crawl.

Coolpix take the darndest photos . . .

November 28, 2012












We saw this computer on the bus going to SF.  It shows a Banksy monkey with a famous corporate logo.   We got permission to take this photo, which we might use on the column to be posted Friday morning.  We’ll post it here just in case we don’t use it with the column which will be posted on Smirking Chimp, Bartcop, and Op Ed News.

Flugtag SF photos

November 11, 2012












Zeppelin seen at Flugtag



















UCSC student we met at Media Check-in.












Cable car at AT&T stadium




















This is the view down left field line at AT&T Park.

Foto for column

November 2, 2012



















John Allen Cassady

Just in case pix

November 1, 2012












Seen at the Beat Museum





































Might use one of these shots to go with my next column on Smirking Chimp.

Sidewalk Etiquette?

October 11, 2012



















There are plenty of political causes for activists in Berkeley CA.  Sidewalk Etiquette seems to be this fellow’s cause choice.


Seen in SF

October 9, 2012












Saturday at Union Square.












Tight crop is a bit “grainy.”





Space shutte-spotting

September 24, 2012












Seeing the Space shuttle do a flyby over Berkeley CA caused a columnist to have the nihilist’s version of the St. Paul’s moment.  Read all about it later today in the column that will be posted on Op Ed News, Smirking Chimp, and Bartcop.

In the “on deck circle”

September 11, 2012












We might use this photo for our next column, so we will post it now just in case.












How many right hand drive Deuces have you seen?












This place in  Kalgoorlie reminded us of a place in Santa Monica.




















More evidence that we are getting close to getting photos of a real China Clipper.  There’s gotta be one around SF somewhere because we keep finding tracks.












Wanna race all the way . . . to dead-man’s curve?


Kink in SF?

September 4, 2012












We will post this horizontal crop of a shot taken Sunday at Union Square in San Francisco because we intend to use it with our next column which will be posted at Smirking Chimp, Op Ed News, and the blog section of Bartcop.
We may try to also run a photo of a B-17 G is we can figure out the html numbers needed.

We may use the vertical crop (see below) on Op Ed.