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Maybe this time?

March 22, 2012










We may use this news photo for our next column on Op Ed News, which will be posted on Friday morning.

News of the week in SF

March 22, 2012













Photo from Amelia Island Concours

March 16, 2012









Photo by William “Jersey Bill” Hitzel.  It will go with new column on Smirking Chimp about current events as Rorschach Test.  Thanhks, Bill!

Chimp column photo

March 8, 2012










This photo of Rich DeMuro of KTLA in Los Angeles reporting live from the GDC in San Francisco will be used to illustrate my column for Smirking Chimp which will be posted Friday morning (PST).


Photos from GDC in SF

March 8, 2012










“Curse you, Red Baron!”

















KTLA from Los Angeles prepares to report live from San Francisco.










With video games you can become a virtual Juan Manuel Fangio.

USS Iowa BB 61

February 28, 2012










The aft turret on the Iowa.

















Aboard the Iowa










The Iowa is looking for a few good deck hands to do volunteer restoration work.  Then it is being moved to San Pedro in the Los Angeles area. 

For more information about the Iowa and the move to its new permanent home please click

for information about visiting the Iowa while it is in the Richmond CA area click this link


Valentine’s Day in San Francisco

February 17, 2012










Singer Tony Bennett (front row center) turns to see and hear the choir sing “I Left My Heart in San Francisco,” Tuesday at S. F. City Hall.

This photo which I took will be used to illustrate my weekend-wrapup punditry column that will be posted on Smirking Chimp on Friday morning (Pacific Standart Time USA).

Occupy Cal

February 10, 2012

















Occupy Cal Protesters put up a forbidden tent at University of California Berkeley on Thursday Februray 9, 2012.  We may use this photo with the new Smirking Chimp (dot) com column that will be posted Friday morning.

Today at school . . .

February 10, 2012










This photo from today at Occupy Cal at Cal Berkeley is being posted so that I can possibly use it with the Smirking Chimp column that will be posted Friday morning.

Good eats + German C&W Music

December 23, 2011

















Sign in San Francisco










Lunch stop in San Francisco

We noticed that the lunch truck food fad is going strong in San Francisco.  We also noticed that their sign reminded us of our favorite German Country and Western band.

What?  You didn’t know?

Which?  That there are good eats in SF or that there is Country and Western music in Germany?