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Man with a Coolpix

February 19, 2013

DSCN8593_24230Poco Pix Feb18









We saw this grating guarding a small tree on Valencia St. in SF (on our way to the Pirates’ Supply Store) and stopped to take f photo.  Ain’t never seen nothing like this that we can recall.

Disco Ball

November 13, 2012




















Many folks call this thingie covered with mirrors a disco ball, but technically isn’t its official name “a crystal shower”?


Go giants!

August 31, 2012




















We thought this tableau in Frisco was worth a snap shot.



















Star Wars Frisco style.

For a good cause!

July 16, 2012




















This guy was selling bobblehead dolls of the members of the String Cheese Incident Band on the street in Berkeley CA, Sunday.  It would be inappropriate to use it with the next column so we’ll give the plug for them here.

jambandbobbleheads do com my point you to them.

A tree museum grows in Berkeley CA

June 2, 2012












Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as a tree museum and there is one in Berkeley CA.

On the UCB campus, folks can use their cellphones to learn about the variety of trees that they can see.

Back to Slap Art Watching

April 16, 2012


























This example of slap art is about one inch tall and was seen on a window of an AC F bus going to San Francisco CA.  Unknow further caption details.


























Who is Agent-A?

Good eats + German C&W Music

December 23, 2011

















Sign in San Francisco










Lunch stop in San Francisco

We noticed that the lunch truck food fad is going strong in San Francisco.  We also noticed that their sign reminded us of our favorite German Country and Western band.

What?  You didn’t know?

Which?  That there are good eats in SF or that there is Country and Western music in Germany?


Solar powered waste baskets?

December 11, 2011

















Venice beach seems like the natural place to have solar powered waste baskets, so we took a photo (see the old MTV beach house in the background?).  We wrote up a story for Op Ed News about taking photos of the Jim Morrison mural at Venice.  To read it click this link



Banksy or not?

November 27, 2011

















We spotted this bit of art work in Berkeley CA.  We asked our Banksy expert if it was a genuine Banksy.  His expert reply was:  “It could be.”

Odd street Art? Where else, but in Venice CA!

November 27, 2011

















About a month ago, we encountered this street art in Venice CA (near the Cow’s End Cafe).  Dunno what it means or who did it, but we thought it was certainly worth a photo.