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Festival of books flashback

June 6, 2012











Dennis Etchison and Ray Bradbury both answered Craig’s call to help him sell books at the old L. A. Festival of Books.

Pub Games

March 13, 2012










This Games Design company got their name when they figured out that they did their best work after work in a near-by pub.  The Melbourne company said they don’t have a combo video-drinking game for use in pubs.  Well, not yet at any rate.

Chimp column photo

March 8, 2012










This photo of Rich DeMuro of KTLA in Los Angeles reporting live from the GDC in San Francisco will be used to illustrate my column for Smirking Chimp which will be posted Friday morning (PST).


Encounter with the 7 cees bus

January 6, 2012










We met the folks from the 7 cees bus today in Berkeley CA.  We will post this photo now because we will probably use it with the column for the Smirking Chimp which will be posted in the blog section on Friday.

For more about these artists from Wisconsin click to their site


Rejected by the BBC

November 30, 2011










We took this photo Tuesday (Nov. 29, 2011) at Occupy Oakland.  Later in the day we sent it to the Photos of the Day people at the BBC.  It seems they didn’t use this photo, so I guess I can post it on my little old blog.


The Battle of the Teepee at Occupy Oakland

November 30, 2011










Occupy Oakland in the news again










A San Jose student records the moment for posterity (and a student project)

















Work starts on teepee adjacent to Ogawa Plaza.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, November 29, 2011, Lone Wolf, a Native American, was initially thwarted in an effort to erect a teepee on Frank Ogawa Plaza, site of the Occupy Oakland protest.

After repeated conferences between protesters, a lawyer, police and city officials a permit was issued for a teepee to be erected adjacent to the Plaza with restrictions.

With scores of journalists recording the event, construction of the teepee was begun.

A tent curfew late Tuesday night might provide a new confrontation.


Black Friday in SF

November 26, 2011

















Press coverage Friday was extensive.










Tourists pass protesters on Black Friday in San Francisco CA










Occupy SF protester attempts to take a siesta while protesting on Black Friday in ‘Frisco.

We posted some different photos and this story on the Op Ed News site.

Massive numbers of tourists, shoppers, protesters, journalists, and officers from the San Francisco Police Department converged on the Union Square area of the famed city by the Bay (dubbed “Baghdad by the Bay” by columnist Herb Caen) to partake in the city’s annual celebration of Black Friday.  There were some heated discussion between the compassionate conservative Christian conspicuous consumers and the Native American style philosophers who believe that the Public Service Announcement featuring Iron Eyes Cody (it’s on Youtube) had things in accurate perspective forty years ago. 


Occupy San Francisco used the day to protest the philosophy behind America’s conspicuous consumption by those who have an excess of purchasing enthusiasm to point out that today’s frivolous gift is just grist for tomorrow’s land fill garbage dump.


(Didn’t Charlie Manson produce a Christmas Carol titled “Oh, Garbage Dump!”?)


The world’s laziest journalist (combining columnisting and photography) observed the annual Black Friday events for four hours before succumbing to a bout of fatigue, but the next generation of “record the event for posterity” in the “first draft of history” manner continued their vigil for potential dynamic still and video images.


San Francisco’s legendary Laughing Squid man was present as he is for almost any and allSan Franciscoevents tinged with political overtones.  (Where isSan Franciscocolumnist Freddy Francisco, when he is needed most?  Will it be up to the World’s Laziest Journalist to track him down and do a profile of the ubiquitous protester?)


San Francisco’s nude protesters were conspicuous by their absence Friday.


Is it true (as some conspiracy theory lunatics would have us believe) thatSan Franciscoin 2011, will be vying to regain the highly covetedHippestCityin the World Award that it previously had captured in 1967 – 69, as didParisin 1926 – 28?


Is it true that the trophy has engraved upon it, the classic passage by Hunter S. Thompson:  “ . . . but no explanation, no mix of words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that you were there and alive in that corner of time and the world . . . .”?



On Black Friday, the tourists, the shoppers, the protesters, the journalists and the police officers all seemed to be in total agreement with the Hunter Thompson sentiment:  “There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was <I>right</I>, that we were winning.”

Comparing the tumultuous Black Friday celebration in San Francisco with other noteworthy Fog City events from the past, such as seeing the Jefferson Airplane perform free at Golden Gate Park, brings to mind a bit of Sixties philosophy:  “Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.”

Have a hella-groovy day.


From the WLJ photo desk

May 26, 2011

Back in the old B&W days of photography, putting folks under a tree to take their photo was not a good idea if there wasn’t a solid shaddow area.  The bright highlights and the dark shaddow areas on one face were challenging to print.

Digital photography has made much of Photogaphy easier, but when we saw the guys from the band called “Fellowship of the Beard,” our fist intint was from the old days and we wanted to avoid the highlights and deep shaddow challenge.  We ignored out instinct and took a photo.

As you can see, the digital camera exposed for the background and plunged the people into deep shaddow.

Live and learn, eh?

So you don’t condone torture?

May 14, 2011

Folks who don’t dig America’s use of torture held a demonstartion on Friday at UCB.

Celebrating National Columnists’ Day

April 14, 2011

So who did we write our annual National Columnists’ Day column about this year?

To find out try these links: