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A bus named Lil Further

December 11, 2011










Bus seen in Venice CA










Side view










Bus seen in Venice CA

This bus, named Lil Further, (not to be confused with Ken Kesey’s bus named Furthur) was photo’d on Saturday morning (December 10, 2011) in Venice CA.



December 4, 2011

Will some future historian say that this photo taken at Occupy San Francisco on December 2, 2011, is a bit of graphic history?

Always carry your camera with you

November 18, 2011










Seen on Shattuck in Berkeley CA










Now there is a flames paint job!










A car with a flames paint job always gets our attention.  Since we try to carry our Nikon Coolpix with us at all times, that means that we can get pix of all the flame paint jobs we see.  Should we do a photo book on that theme?

The Energizer bunny of the Berkeley Art scene

July 15, 2011

















Many time we see sticker art by Broke in Berkeley CA.  Does that mean that he lives in Berkeley?

San Francisco photo patrol

July 14, 2011










Milan Italy streetcar










Twin Cities streetcar










San Francisco CA is a street car spotter’s Valhalla.

Color study

July 13, 2011

Sometimes a vivid splotch of color in a drab setting makes it worth snapping the shutter, eh?

Coolpix report from Berkeley CA

June 20, 2011










Does the last hippie drive this car seen in Berkeley CA over the weekend?

On photo patrol . . .

June 17, 2011




























While on photo patrol duty, we did some bus spotting in Oakland CA.

Change of Heart(s) in S. F.

June 16, 2011



















































The Hearts around Union Square in San Francisco have been changed. 

The Hearts are decorated by various local artists and used to emphasize the city’s tourist attractions and artistic heritage.  They provide perfect backgrounds for tourist shots.  The one on the Southwestern (?) corner of Union Square can be photographed from the inside of Union Square and thus provide the tourists with some famed cable cars adding more local color to the background.

Looking for the Ninas (in Oakland CA)

June 11, 2011



















New York Times fans used to spend Sunday mornings “looking for the Ninas.”