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More from the Photos of statues” file

December 5, 2012

man and dog statue









This bit of art (a dog welcomes home the owner?) was seen during our visit to Fremantle Western Australia.


Red Flower

July 28, 2012












This red flower thingie has been on display in San Francisco CA recently.  On bright sunny days it makes for good color photos.  Why, oh why did they have to make Kodachrome obsolete?

On the trail of the China Clipper

February 23, 2012










This historic plaque in Alameda CA notes the origin of the Pan Am China Clipper.  The plaque is across from the City Hall Annex on the grounds of the old Alameda Naval Air Station.

Encounter with the 7 cees bus

January 6, 2012










We met the folks from the 7 cees bus today in Berkeley CA.  We will post this photo now because we will probably use it with the column for the Smirking Chimp which will be posted in the blog section on Friday.

For more about these artists from Wisconsin click to their site


Odd street Art? Where else, but in Venice CA!

November 27, 2011

















About a month ago, we encountered this street art in Venice CA (near the Cow’s End Cafe).  Dunno what it means or who did it, but we thought it was certainly worth a photo.

Always carry your camera with you

November 18, 2011










Seen on Shattuck in Berkeley CA










Now there is a flames paint job!










A car with a flames paint job always gets our attention.  Since we try to carry our Nikon Coolpix with us at all times, that means that we can get pix of all the flame paint jobs we see.  Should we do a photo book on that theme?

San Francisco photo patrol

July 14, 2011










Milan Italy streetcar










Twin Cities streetcar










San Francisco CA is a street car spotter’s Valhalla.

Color study

July 13, 2011

Sometimes a vivid splotch of color in a drab setting makes it worth snapping the shutter, eh?

Change of Heart(s) in S. F.

June 16, 2011



















































The Hearts around Union Square in San Francisco have been changed. 

The Hearts are decorated by various local artists and used to emphasize the city’s tourist attractions and artistic heritage.  They provide perfect backgrounds for tourist shots.  The one on the Southwestern (?) corner of Union Square can be photographed from the inside of Union Square and thus provide the tourists with some famed cable cars adding more local color to the background.

Amsterdam flashbacks?

June 16, 2011










Does this sign in Oakland CA make you think of Amsterdam?