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December 22, 2012

crop of man and dog statue














What can be better than an enthusiastic welcome home from your dog?  This statue was photographed in Fremantle W. A. around Xmas of 2008.

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December 5, 2012

man and dog statue









This bit of art (a dog welcomes home the owner?) was seen during our visit to Fremantle Western Australia.


Tiki god (statue) arrives at UCB

May 13, 2011

 On Thursday May 12, 2011, men wearing “Event Staff” T-shirts were seen delivering a Tiki god statue to the campus of the University of California in Berkeley. 

No other caption material was available.

Where in Berkeley?

February 5, 2011

It’s in Berkeley CA.  But where exactly?

Back on the Bestsellers List

January 16, 2011

The statue in this photo (taken recently in Berkeley) is of topical interest because Mark Twain’s autobiography was recently published by the Berkeley Press and is landing on various Bestseller Lists.

Nick Cave and Queen Victoria?

January 12, 2011

We took this photo in Sydney about two years ago.

There is a “there” there

November 14, 2010

This art installation on Shattuck just south of the Oakland/Berkelehy city line proves that there is  both a “here” and a “there” in Oakland.  Gertrude Stein was wrong when she said that there was no “there” there.

Weird SF statues

November 10, 2010

Since we usually stop to take photos of interesting statues and since we are in a bit of a hurry to go take a walk in the Indian Summer weather, and since we don’t know the story about these SF statues, we’ll just post and run.

Bon Scott statue in Fremantle

September 30, 2010

Our photos of the Bon Scott statue in Fremantle bring a lot of hits to our humble little blog and so we will post this close up we took in December of 2008.

Are you a turtle?

July 14, 2010

This statute of a turtle is one of two in the foyer of the Berkeley City Hall.