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Good advice in Berkeley CA

June 11, 2011


May 14, 2011

We saw this bit of “disposable art” in Berkeley CA.  Unknow what it means.  Your guess is as good as mine.

The Berkeley Attitude

April 8, 2011

What’s the propper attitude on campus these days?  We took this photo on the UCB campus Wednesday April 6.  When does spring break start?

Banksy’s advice to SF

December 31, 2010

“If at first you don’t suceed – call an airstrike.”  Solid American philosophy.

How the blog got its name

June 20, 2010

When we first started this photo blog we were using the Just Above Sunset Photo site’s summer intern camera which uses floppy disks to store images.  Hence the name “Floppy Photos.” 

We’ve upgraded to a Nikon Coolpix camera and are enjoying the heck out of it.  Don’t have to worry about running out of floppy disks in the middle of a shoot!

Now, the big problem is where to take the new camera next?


France and Germany?

Back to Kalgoorlie?

Tune in again next time or post suggestions.

Sometimes a great notion

June 4, 2010

We were passing Dave’s Record Shop in Berkeley last weekend, when we had a great idea.  We went in and asked if anyone had invented a turntable that plays old albums so that you can hear them on you computer.  He showed us this one which does just that.  Dang!  There goes another great idea.

Doughnut shop philosophy

June 28, 2009


Does this philopsophy from the Westwood section of LA hold in Concordia Kansas?