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Oz Pix

September 29, 2011

Aussie flashback

September 29, 2011

Meanwhile down in Monterey . . .

August 19, 2011




























We went down to Monterey CA to take a look at some of the cars that are in that city this weekend for all kinds of fun and frivolity.  We posted a column about our adventures


Oz tourist in Berkeley CA

June 20, 2011

















This Aussie needed some directions to get to Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley CA.  We made sure that he made the effort to also see People’s Park.

Change of Heart(s) in S. F.

June 16, 2011



















































The Hearts around Union Square in San Francisco have been changed. 

The Hearts are decorated by various local artists and used to emphasize the city’s tourist attractions and artistic heritage.  They provide perfect backgrounds for tourist shots.  The one on the Southwestern (?) corner of Union Square can be photographed from the inside of Union Square and thus provide the tourists with some famed cable cars adding more local color to the background.

“Defenestration” in San Francisco CA

June 8, 2011



































This art installation, titled “Defenestration,” done by artist Brian Goggin, was seen in San Francisco CA at Sixth St. and Howard.

Early new photo

June 6, 2011

















Folks in Berkeley CA are not sure if theis is some new Banksy art or if it was done by a Banksy clone.

Another day; another photo

June 3, 2011










How old is your local newsstand?

A mural of Venice in Venice

April 28, 2011

We saw this mural of Venice Italy in Venice CA, so we took a photo.

Pan Am Memories

April 8, 2011

This bas-relief image was found recently on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay.  Didn’t Pan Am’s China Clipper have a base on the same island?