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UCB band on cable car

October 16, 2012












Seen Monday Oct 15, 2012 in San Francisco CA.












It’s not every day that you see the Cal Berkeley band on one of San Francisco’s world famous cable cars.


San Francisco photo patrol

July 14, 2011










Milan Italy streetcar










Twin Cities streetcar










San Francisco CA is a street car spotter’s Valhalla.

Change of Heart(s) in S. F.

June 16, 2011



















































The Hearts around Union Square in San Francisco have been changed. 

The Hearts are decorated by various local artists and used to emphasize the city’s tourist attractions and artistic heritage.  They provide perfect backgrounds for tourist shots.  The one on the Southwestern (?) corner of Union Square can be photographed from the inside of Union Square and thus provide the tourists with some famed cable cars adding more local color to the background.

A day early?

May 12, 2011

This mural was seen in the work stage (above) and then finished (?) a week later, in San Francisco.

If we post these photos as a “Thursday extra” does that mean we can take Friday off?

Bird-spotting in Venice CA

March 26, 2011

This is a bird we spotted recenlty in Venice CA.  It’s a bird.  We spotted it.

Starry Night in Venice CA

March 10, 2011

This mural seen from Ocean Front Walk in Venice CA is an homage to Van Gogh.

Bachelor Party from Down Under

March 9, 2011

These guys from Melbourne stopped off at Venice Beach CA while traveling to a wedding in Las Vegas.  When a blogger from Berkeley spied them it was time to take some shots for the photo blog.

Ocean Front Walk trough the viewfinder

March 7, 2011

Good old Ocean Front Walk in Venice CA.  There’s always a new photo to take, so always bring your camera.

Aussie flashbacks

September 28, 2010

My photos from my trip to Australia have been in storage for some time, but last week I took them out of the storage unit and can now post some of the good ones that I didn’t have time to see and post while I was “on the road.”

So we took a picture of the World’s Greatest Wine-O

September 20, 2010

While visiting Venice Beach’s Ocean Front Walk, we had a great photo-op.