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On the trail of the China Clipper

September 4, 2012




















Do you get the idea that this old building in San Francisco may have been trying to give a free plug to Pan Am’s China Clippers?


How did Suicide Doors get that name?

August 29, 2012

We will send a link to this page and these pictures so that if the Jalopnik question of the day editor needs them, he can use them if he takes our suggestion to answer the question asked by the headline above.












The cars that have front doors that open towards the rear are few and far between these days.  We wonder how Suicide Doors got the name.




















What’s not to love about a mint condition (1954?) Rolls Royce (seen last Sunday afternoon in Berkeley  CA) with Suicide doors?












Classic car spotting on Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley produced these photos.












Isn’t there a song about a car owned by a little old lady from Berkeley CA?



Here we go again . . .

June 24, 2012












“Support the sit inat Lakeview School.”












Now playing in Oakland . . .












The poor man’s silkscreening process.

We no sooner post one column on Smirking Chimp, Op Ed News, and Bartcop, than we have to start looking for, posting, and getting the URL for photos for next week’s column.

It never stops!



Photo report from Oakland

June 19, 2012










































The sit-in at Lakeview school in Oakland drew news media coverage Monday.

U. S. Navy History happens in San Francisco Bay

May 30, 2012




















The last time a US battleship passes under the Golden Gate Bridge.













Same frame, with a tight crop on the battleship.












This is a full frame file of a telephoto shot of the battleship with some bridge details.

Pub Games

March 13, 2012










This Games Design company got their name when they figured out that they did their best work after work in a near-by pub.  The Melbourne company said they don’t have a combo video-drinking game for use in pubs.  Well, not yet at any rate.


December 15, 2011










This chalk art was seen recently near the BART entrnce in downtown Berkeley CA.  Oh, rats!  We just had to take a photo.


December 5, 2011










Sometimes a Nikon Coolpix is an easy way to take notes.

Isn’t it Ironic?

November 28, 2011

















Is it ironic that one of the places where Occupy Oakland got kicked out by the police was at a site known as “Champions for Humanity” or “Heroes for Humanity”? or not?

Ain’t dat de truth

November 23, 2011

















This example of folk art was seen at Occupy San Francisco recently.  It was seen in front of the Treasury Building and that site was cleared out over the weekend.  So this piece of art is now part of protest history.