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Tracking the China Clipper

May 25, 2012












We found these tracks in Alameda recently.

Happy Armed Forces Day!

May 18, 2012

















The Hornet’s Island










TBF Avener

On the trail of the China Clipper

February 23, 2012










This historic plaque in Alameda CA notes the origin of the Pan Am China Clipper.  The plaque is across from the City Hall Annex on the grounds of the old Alameda Naval Air Station.

February 10, 2012











Where is the passenger terminal for the China Clipper?  Isn’t it somewhere near here?

DOTS flashback

February 7, 2012










Saw this car in Alameda.  Had a DOTS flashback.  So what if we post this photo for just one particular e-mail buddy?

Holiday weekend batch of photos

May 28, 2011










Plaque in Berkeley CA










Mural in Oakland CA










V-dub spotting in Alameda (AKA the Island that rust forgot.)

Just another Ferrari?

August 14, 2009


While waiting for a bus to take us to the Santa Monica Public Library, we wondered if we should pull out the old camera and maybe get a photo for our car-spotting blog.  So we took the camera out, turned it on, and voila! this car pulled up to stop for a red light.  We thought Oh, it’s just another Ferrari, but then we realized that some poor folks (such as the ones who live up there in Alameda) might not get to see such exotic cars as often as the people in L. A. do; so we took this picture just for those unfortunate folks who live in the city that is near Berkeley.