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Foto for column

November 2, 2012



















John Allen Cassady

Just in case pix

November 1, 2012












Seen at the Beat Museum





































Might use one of these shots to go with my next column on Smirking Chimp.

Beat sentiments seen at Occupy Cal

November 26, 2011











This chalk sentiment seen at Occupy Cal reminded us:  the Beat Museum’s website has a new look.  Click on over to

to take a look.  Tell ’em the World’s Laziest Journalist sent you their way.

Bride, Bikers, and Beat Museum

June 6, 2011










It’s not every day that a Hernri-Cartier Bresson wanna be gets a grab shot with a bride, bikers, and the Beat Museum in it.  We got this shot recently in SF.  Did we already run it?

Litquake’s North Beach Tour

October 5, 2010

Tour looks at scene described in poem being read by the tour guide.

The tour meet-up/starting point was the Beat Museum.

The tour stops at one of the many points as it walked up Grant.

Some of the Beat coffee houses don’t look the same these days.

Tour looks at scene being described in a Ginsberg poem while it is being read by the tour guide.

Car-spotting at the Beat Museum

September 20, 2009



This 1941 Pontiac was seen while visiting the Beat Museum in San Francisco on Saturday Sept. 19. 2009.

We will write a column about visiting the Beat Museum last October and again this September for our next Weekend column for the Smirking Chimp.

We love the Beat Museum.