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Anonymous BART protest in San Francisco

August 23, 2011













































The World’s Laziest Journalist was one of the many writers and photographers on hand Monday to record (for posterity) the Anonymous protest against the BART Police Department.


The massive police presence at the site where the Anonymous demonstration against the methods used by the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) was scheduled to take place on Monday August 22, 2011, made it obvious that there was a high likelihood that a large number of arrests would be made.  The first clue was the buses standing by to transport more arrestees than would fit in a squad car.


The first arrests at theCivicCenterstation came soon after the demonstration scheduled for 5 p.m., started.


Flyers proclaiming:  “Anonymous Does Not Regret This Inconvenience” were handed out to commuters.


The demonstrators who were not arrested in the station left and walked downMarket Streetto the Embarcadero.  They requested permission to enter theFerryBuildingbut the San Francisco Police Department stonewalled that option.


The demonstrators continued their efforts late into the evening.


According to reports on KCBS radio, about two dozen demonstrators were arrested about 9 p.m.