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Summer Nats flashback

December 30, 2011

An unusual flames paint job on a right hand drive deuce delivery sedan.  We saw this in Australia at the 2009 Summer Nats.

Flame paint job on a Deuce

January 10, 2011

Cars with flame paint jobs seem to bring hits to my blog, so we are running these shots (taken at SummerNats 2009) because a Deuce with a flame paint job is a classic.  We understand this car took “best of show” award at that event.

Summer Nats 2009 car-spotting

September 30, 2010

Deuce with blue flames paint job seen at SummerNats in early 2009.

Right-hand drive 1955 Ford with flame paint job.

Just because you see something and take a snapshot, doesn’t mean you know exactly what it is.

More from Pasadena

June 22, 2009