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Isn’t that verboten?

January 13, 2012

















The World’s Laziest Journalist is still monitoring developments for a local story.

The Battle of the Teepee at Occupy Oakland

November 30, 2011










Occupy Oakland in the news again










A San Jose student records the moment for posterity (and a student project)

















Work starts on teepee adjacent to Ogawa Plaza.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, November 29, 2011, Lone Wolf, a Native American, was initially thwarted in an effort to erect a teepee on Frank Ogawa Plaza, site of the Occupy Oakland protest.

After repeated conferences between protesters, a lawyer, police and city officials a permit was issued for a teepee to be erected adjacent to the Plaza with restrictions.

With scores of journalists recording the event, construction of the teepee was begun.

A tent curfew late Tuesday night might provide a new confrontation.