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U. S. Navy History happens in San Francisco Bay

May 30, 2012




















The last time a US battleship passes under the Golden Gate Bridge.













Same frame, with a tight crop on the battleship.












This is a full frame file of a telephoto shot of the battleship with some bridge details.


Happy Birthday GGB! ! !

May 24, 2012












One bridge has a birthday . . .












another one doesn’t.












” . . . and those who can’t teach, teach teachers . . .”?












To see how three of these four photos go together, try reading my Friday column  over on Op Ed News.

Good question

May 27, 2010

If Ansel Adams lived long enough to use a digital camera, would he have used the B&W option?  We asked ourself that question as we shot this picture of the Golden Gate Bridge from Berkeley, recently.