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Berkeley’s Literary Heritage

April 5, 2012










Guess what famous beatnik lived in Berkeley CA?










Did Kerouac and Philip K. Dick eat at the same place?










The war must end now!










Kerouac and SF go together like . . .

All this should be explained in the column that will be posted on the Smirking Chimp site on Friday morning.

A Mile in Jack Kerouac’s shoes

December 27, 2010

Jack Kerouac reportedly hung out at the Vesuvio’s cafe in North Beach.  On Christmas Eve, we stopped in and had a cup of coffee and enjoyed the view.  We wondered:  Could Kerouac’s DNA still be on some of the walls or furniture?

Dharma Bums tribute in L. A.

September 20, 2010

This tribute to Jack Kerouac is part of the Greenline’s LAX Airport/Aviation Blvd. station.