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Rejected by the BBC

November 30, 2011










We took this photo Tuesday (Nov. 29, 2011) at Occupy Oakland.  Later in the day we sent it to the Photos of the Day people at the BBC.  It seems they didn’t use this photo, so I guess I can post it on my little old blog.


The Battle of the Teepee at Occupy Oakland

November 30, 2011










Occupy Oakland in the news again










A San Jose student records the moment for posterity (and a student project)

















Work starts on teepee adjacent to Ogawa Plaza.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, November 29, 2011, Lone Wolf, a Native American, was initially thwarted in an effort to erect a teepee on Frank Ogawa Plaza, site of the Occupy Oakland protest.

After repeated conferences between protesters, a lawyer, police and city officials a permit was issued for a teepee to be erected adjacent to the Plaza with restrictions.

With scores of journalists recording the event, construction of the teepee was begun.

A tent curfew late Tuesday night might provide a new confrontation.