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Dream deferred in L. A.

April 20, 2011

This sign was seen at the Avaiation Station of the L. A. light rail system.

Dharma Bums tribute in L. A.

September 20, 2010

This tribute to Jack Kerouac is part of the Greenline’s LAX Airport/Aviation Blvd. station.

LA Festival of Books

April 25, 2010

These photos were taken april 24, 2010 at the L. A. Festival of  Books held on the UCLA campus.


August 26, 2009



Deacon Daniel of the Bleeding Deacons rock band was on the beach at Venice last Saturday with the bands (his) old caddy hearse.  So were we.   So we took a picture.

The grass is alway greener . . .

July 8, 2009


When we left the Mar Vista section of Los Angeles, we hit out for distant lands.  When we arrived in Sydney Australia, the first thing we went to see was Australia’s biggest book store. 

We wanted to get some information about the book store and we chatted up a young girl who was working as a sales clerek there.  We told her about our trip to Australia and she said she wanted to go out into the world and see things such as the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles.

That Museum was within walking distance of the apartment in Mar Vista.

She sure proved the old saying about the “grass is always greener . . .”

Chicken Boy Statue

June 8, 2009


Running around taking Car-spotting pictures for this Car-spotting blog, we see many famous and/or unusual statues so we will use them for a change of pace from time to time.  This “Chicken Boy Statue” is well known in the Los Angeles area, but may not be famous as far as residents of Canberra are concerned.  They however are in no position to castigate any other city’s unusual statues.