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Here we go again . . .

June 24, 2012












“Support the sit inat Lakeview School.”












Now playing in Oakland . . .












The poor man’s silkscreening process.

We no sooner post one column on Smirking Chimp, Op Ed News, and Bartcop, than we have to start looking for, posting, and getting the URL for photos for next week’s column.

It never stops!



School protest in Oakland CA

June 21, 2012




















Journalists were back in Oakland for a protest at the Lakeview school this week.












Sentiment in Oakland CA this week.


Photo report from Oakland

June 19, 2012










































The sit-in at Lakeview school in Oakland drew news media coverage Monday.

1968 = a Hughie

May 8, 2012












What says “This is 1968!” better than a UH1?  Tune in to next Friday’s column on Smirking Chimp for more.

Cropped is better

May 3, 2012











We did a cropped version so we will use this with Friday’s column on Smirking Chimp.

Occupy May Day

May 3, 2012










Evening approaches at City Hall in Oakland on May Day night.

Coolpix goes to Occupy Oakland

May 2, 2012











Photogs struggle to record scuffle.











Going for a ride











Police cordon off Broadway after the first arrests were made.


Photo fashions

January 29, 2012










For Saturday at the Occupy Oakland march, the well dressed photographer selected not just good cameras, but a gas mask and helmet.

From the WLJ photo files

January 29, 2012










BTW speaking of Oakland, travelers from Oakland should fee right at home rooting for the home team for a football game in Canberra in Australia . . . because their football team is named The Raiders, also.

The whole Internets is watching!

January 29, 2012










Protesters at Ogawa Plaza watch events elsewhere in Oakland, Saturday.