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Occupy Cal

February 10, 2012

















Occupy Cal Protesters put up a forbidden tent at University of California Berkeley on Thursday Februray 9, 2012.  We may use this photo with the new Smirking Chimp (dot) com column that will be posted Friday morning.

Today at school . . .

February 10, 2012










This photo from today at Occupy Cal at Cal Berkeley is being posted so that I can possibly use it with the Smirking Chimp column that will be posted Friday morning.

Beat sentiments seen at Occupy Cal

November 26, 2011











This chalk sentiment seen at Occupy Cal reminded us:  the Beat Museum’s website has a new look.  Click on over to

to take a look.  Tell ’em the World’s Laziest Journalist sent you their way.

“There you go again . . .”

November 23, 2011










Would Ronald Reagan be surprised to see UC Berkeley students going out on strike to support the Occupy Protesters?

New photo for column

November 15, 2011










We’ll use this photo for a column on Smirking Chimp about the Student Strike