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The spirit of Stan Freberg lives on

December 18, 2012

Singing trio















This photo taken in Berkeley Sunday December 16, 2012 will be used as part of the World’s Laziest Journalist’s Christmas column to be printed Friday on the Bartcop blog section, Smirking Chimp, and Op Ed News.

Low-rider makes movie in Marina del Rey

September 9, 2009


This low-rider style Chevy was spotted on the morning of September 9, 2009 on Washington in the Marina doing some scenes for a movie which was tenatively titled “Valentine’s Day.”



The Parking Meter Building

September 9, 2009

MVC-012FThe Henry Medina, West Los Angeles, Parking Enforcement Facility was designed (by Nadel Architects Inc.) to resemble a parking meter.  It is on Sepulveda Blvd.  one traffic light south of Pico Blvd.  Note the “coin slot” on the left side of the building and the hours across the top to suggest one of those 12 hour meters you see in some place.

Note we specifically went there and took this picture so that we can send it in as a suggestion to the roadside America folks who are looking for tips.

Maybe if we give them several good tips we can get them started on doing another site for Roadside Australia?  Who says the World’s Laziest Journalist doesn’t do any traveling?


The hours are embossed across the top of the “dial.”  Below is a detail of the “coin slot” to the left of the “parking meter’s face.”


Reporting live from the Cow’s End

September 5, 2009



This is the first posting with photos from the recently acquired lap-top.  I got an external drive for floppy disks and took the above photos just a few minutes ago while coming to the Cow’s End (cofffee house in Venice CA) where I can use the wi-fi and now post photos and words!

World’s Laziest Journalist’s self-portrait

August 29, 2009





The World’s Laziest Journalist offers this self-portrait to the world.

Palm tree flying too close to the ground

June 19, 2009

MVC-002FTraveling around looking for great cars to shoot, you see some unusual sights such as this palm tree that seemed to want to not grow up, but to act like a Willie Nelson fan and stay close to the ground.


June 16, 2009



This Barracuda was spotted in Santa Monica on Sunday June 14, 2009

On the fly . . .

June 15, 2009

MVC-012FThis Nash Metropolitan was seen Sunday (June 14, 2009) in Pasadena CA on Lake St. waiting for a trafic light to change.  Getting car-spotting photos of cars in traffic is the ultimate car-spotting challenge.  Do they have trafic lights in Alameda?

From the archives file

June 12, 2009

MVC-014FThis photo from our car-spotting archive file is of an old Ford truck that was seen and photographed earlier this year in Santa Monica CA

This otter be a good photo

June 11, 2009

MVC-009FWhen we saw this statue in Pasadena CA, we knew we otter take a photo.