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School protest in Oakland CA

June 21, 2012




















Journalists were back in Oakland for a protest at the Lakeview school this week.












Sentiment in Oakland CA this week.


The summer of Love + 45

June 21, 2012




















Protest in San Francisco on Wednesday June 2 0, 2012.












Pig market chase shot.




















A protester hands out a leaflet in San Francisco.


Photo report from Oakland

June 19, 2012










































The sit-in at Lakeview school in Oakland drew news media coverage Monday.

Tough Commute in S. F. on Monday

August 16, 2011










































It’s not every day that foreign tourists in San Francisco get to take photos of the BART police in riot gear.  It happened Monday August 15, 2011, when Anonymous and BART face each other over the blockage of cell phone signals.