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What if it rains?

March 19, 2013

Drophead CU









We saw this “drophead” trolly car in San Francisco recently and used this shot to illustrate the latest column written by the World’s Laziest Journalist.  Since we took the shot we figure it is OK to use it on our own blog.

Man with a Coolpix

February 19, 2013

DSCN8593_24230Poco Pix Feb18









We saw this grating guarding a small tree on Valencia St. in SF (on our way to the Pirates’ Supply Store) and stopped to take f photo.  Ain’t never seen nothing like this that we can recall.

Back to what works

February 19, 2013

DSCN8491_24128Poco Pix Feb18









This gallery in SF caught our eye.


Urban geometry

February 8, 2013

Architecture and Geometry















This reminds us of the old Wolfman Jack line:  If you got de curves, I got da angles.

Hanging out in SF

February 8, 2013

Gypsy with newsman














Saw the usual faces at the recent protest in San Francisco CA last week.

SFPD Toy drive truck spotting

December 21, 2012

DSCN7768_23406XmasWeekBerDec16 Xmas trucck grill















The San Francisco Fire Department uses this old Chevy truck exclusively for their annual toy drive.  Naturally they decorated it for this week so we took a photo with our trusty Coolpix.

Santacon SF Photoreport

December 17, 2012

Big face santa crop


















Santa at Union Square at noon

guitarist with santa cropped









Rock on, Santa!

Santas and tree cropped














A sea of Santas at Union Square, SaturdaySantas on the march.









Santas on the march.

Seeing Red in Uniion Square cropped









Seeing red at Christmas time in SF.

This event by these folks

was a pub crawl.

Urban Geometry

December 6, 2012

geometric needs crop









We saw this example of urban geometry in downtown San Francisco CA recently so we took a photo (with our trusty Coolpix.)


A sunny Black Friday in SF

November 29, 2012














This is how Black Friday looked at Union Square in San Francisco in 2012.














Coolpix take the darndest photos . . .

November 28, 2012












We saw this computer on the bus going to SF.  It shows a Banksy monkey with a famous corporate logo.   We got permission to take this photo, which we might use on the column to be posted Friday morning.  We’ll post it here just in case we don’t use it with the column which will be posted on Smirking Chimp, Bartcop, and Op Ed News.