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On a winter’s day in Santa Monica

October 31, 2009

MVC-016FThese folks at the ice skating rink in Santa Monica will probably be telling all their friends about the World’s Laziest Journalist’s blog.

Good on them.

Winter arrives in Santa Monica

October 31, 2009

MVC-009FWhile folks in Santa Monica CA flock to the ice skating rink, folks in Australia are awaiting the results of the Melbourne Cup race which will be held Tuesday.

The world is a big place and it truly is a case of “different strokes for different folks.”

Chain Reaction

August 24, 2009


This mushroom cloud made up of industrial strenght cain is based on a political cartoon done by Conrad for the L. A. Times.  It can be found on Main St. in Santa Monica close to the Civic Auditorium.

Hemp smoothie?

August 20, 2009


Yeah, but does a hemp smoothie give folks the munchies?  This sign was seen in Santa Monica.

Back to car-spotting

August 2, 2009


On the way to the Santa Monica Public Library to post some photos of newspaper stories (so some concernced citizens would see how they looked on-line) we took along our old camera (that uses floppy disks – hence the blog name) just in case we saw anything of interest.

We say this Model A-looking vehicle in downtown Santa Monica on Sunday August 2, 2009.

That’s more like the kind of photos visitors expect to find on a car-spotting blog, eh?

Remember Dune Buggies?

June 20, 2009

MVC-012FThis vehicle, which technically is a 67 Volkswaggen, has been modified to the “dune buggy” style.  It was spotted earlier this year in Santa Monica CA.


June 16, 2009



This Barracuda was spotted in Santa Monica on Sunday June 14, 2009

The new Ford something-or-other

June 16, 2009

MVC-007FFord was showing off it’s new something-or-other in Santa Monica on Sunday.

Chev pickup

June 14, 2009

MVC-015FThis truck was seen in Santa Monica (it was just north of Rose, so that meann’s it one truck over the line, eh?) today, Sunday, June 14, 2009

From the archives file

June 12, 2009

MVC-014FThis photo from our car-spotting archive file is of an old Ford truck that was seen and photographed earlier this year in Santa Monica CA