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December 22, 2012

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The only way we can figure out to “collect” slap art is to take photos.  Do any art dealers sell slap art?  If so, who, where?  Posting may be restricted during the next few days when our source to the Internets may be severely restricted.


Are you ready?

August 2, 2012












Is this sentiment real philosophy or crazy talk?

We’ll use this photo to illustrate the column at will be posted Friday on Smirking Chimp and cross posted (with different crop or photo?) on Bartcop and Op Ed News as well as my worldslaziestjournalist blog also on wordpress.


An old Irish question

June 9, 2012




















This slap art sticker reminds us of the old Irish question:  “Do they now?”

On slap art patrol

May 5, 2012




















We like this KONY slap art, so we took a pix.

Back to Slap Art Watching

April 16, 2012


























This example of slap art is about one inch tall and was seen on a window of an AC F bus going to San Francisco CA.  Unknow further caption details.


























Who is Agent-A?

Back on Slap Art Patrol

April 15, 2012



































We are still taking slap art photos.

Slap art report

March 31, 2012

















Is Picasso doing slap art these days?










Right on!










Do art critics look down on slap art?

More Slap Art Watch

March 29, 2012



































It seems like slap art is getting better, eh?

Slap Art Watch

March 29, 2012

















Is slap art getting better and “art-ier”?

More recent pix

March 17, 2012