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Trolly spoting in Frisco

August 29, 2012












Note SF’s Ferry Building in the background.












Read all about it!  This sign tells all about car no. 1061












This explains SF’s PCC cars program.












This shot may make the sign more legible?












This shot was taken at Market and Van Ness.



A Melbourne streetcar in SF?

June 21, 2012












While attending a protest in San Francisco CA, the photo (a Philip K. Dick fan) was pleased to see a streetcar from Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) progress down Market Street.



August 30, 2010

Fans of trolly-spotting will enjoy themselves on Market Street in San Francico, CA.

Spotting for Trolly-dodgers

July 11, 2010

While taking photos at the second annual San Francisco Super Heroes Street Fair, we noticed that some old street-cars seemed to be stored at the business next door.  So we took some photos for trolly dodgers.

Did you know that the full name for the famous baseball team from brooklyn was:  “Trolly Dodgers”?