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Santacon SF Photoreport

December 17, 2012

Big face santa crop


















Santa at Union Square at noon

guitarist with santa cropped









Rock on, Santa!

Santas and tree cropped














A sea of Santas at Union Square, SaturdaySantas on the march.









Santas on the march.

Seeing Red in Uniion Square cropped









Seeing red at Christmas time in SF.

This event by these folks

was a pub crawl.

A sunny Black Friday in SF

November 29, 2012














This is how Black Friday looked at Union Square in San Francisco in 2012.














Kink in SF?

September 4, 2012












We will post this horizontal crop of a shot taken Sunday at Union Square in San Francisco because we intend to use it with our next column which will be posted at Smirking Chimp, Op Ed News, and the blog section of Bartcop.
We may try to also run a photo of a B-17 G is we can figure out the html numbers needed.

We may use the vertical crop (see below) on Op Ed.





















Change of Heart(s) in S. F.

June 16, 2011



















































The Hearts around Union Square in San Francisco have been changed. 

The Hearts are decorated by various local artists and used to emphasize the city’s tourist attractions and artistic heritage.  They provide perfect backgrounds for tourist shots.  The one on the Southwestern (?) corner of Union Square can be photographed from the inside of Union Square and thus provide the tourists with some famed cable cars adding more local color to the background.