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The week in car-spottin

February 9, 2012










Saw this on Superbowl Sunday in Berkeley CA










Saw XKE in Frisco on Wednesday morning.










This Ferrari F-1 is for sale (for a quarter mil.) . . . where?  Where else but at the Ferrari store in San Francisco CA!










Saw this 57 V-dub in Emeryviller later Wednesday.










This was also spotted in Emeryville.  We’ll poste better caption material and more photos later in the week.

LOAFing in Berkeley CA

June 28, 2010

On Sunday, June 27, 2010, we got photos of this V-dub which is part of the Loaf Love Tour of the USA.  They were in Berekeley visiting the Berkeley Bowl.

For more about the tour click

A VW is a V-dub is a righthand drive bus?

June 19, 2009

MVC-001FNot all the car-spotting photos will be taken in Southern California.  This mundane VW bus was photographed in Sydney Australia.  Note how all the cars are parked “on the wrong side of the street.”  This is a file photo from the archives and was taken in January of 2009