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Old Photo trick still works

December 12, 2011

















The old Nikon F era photo trick of underexposing to get better color saturation works with a Coolpix too.  We took this photo Sunday Dec. 11, 2011 at Venice Beach.


Solar powered waste baskets?

December 11, 2011

















Venice beach seems like the natural place to have solar powered waste baskets, so we took a photo (see the old MTV beach house in the background?).  We wrote up a story for Op Ed News about taking photos of the Jim Morrison mural at Venice.  To read it click this link



Truck-spotting at Venice Beach

January 19, 2011

Last year, we took this photo at Venice Beach

Venice Beach flashback

September 23, 2010

Does anyone remember X Swami-X?

Tipical Venice Tourist Photo

April 18, 2010

Two skateboarders pass each other at the Venice Beach skateboard park

on Saturday April 17, 2010.