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Silicone Beach photo

December 30, 2011

















Will a pair of binoculars help me find the new Google office in Venice CA?

Seen in Venice CA

December 12, 2011










Santa and the LAPD held a charity event at Muscle Beach in Venice CA today (Sunday Dec. 11, 2011).


Bus-spotting in Venice CA

December 11, 2011










Bus seen on Lincoln Blvd. in Venice CA










Back of the bus










When we spotted this bus from the Sea Shepherd organization

on Lincoln Blvd. in Venice CA, we took a photo for bus-spotting fans.

A bus named Lil Further

December 11, 2011










Bus seen in Venice CA










Side view










Bus seen in Venice CA

This bus, named Lil Further, (not to be confused with Ken Kesey’s bus named Furthur) was photo’d on Saturday morning (December 10, 2011) in Venice CA.



Christmas season at Venice Beach

December 11, 2011

















The Venice (Beach CA) drum circle played on Saturday December 10, 2011.

Solar powered waste baskets?

December 11, 2011

















Venice beach seems like the natural place to have solar powered waste baskets, so we took a photo (see the old MTV beach house in the background?).  We wrote up a story for Op Ed News about taking photos of the Jim Morrison mural at Venice.  To read it click this link



Odd street Art? Where else, but in Venice CA!

November 27, 2011

















About a month ago, we encountered this street art in Venice CA (near the Cow’s End Cafe).  Dunno what it means or who did it, but we thought it was certainly worth a photo.

Venice CA mural

November 2, 2011










If the Venice CA Post Office is sold, what will happen to this historic WPA mural?

Venice CA prepares for Halloween

October 21, 2011

New photos to post!

June 26, 2011












































Went for a walkabout in Oakland.  We were reminded of Santa Monic and the staris and Venice and the canals.